Services & Fees



All results are strictly confidential.


includes brief interview with parent and child regarding learning styles, a standardized intellectual assessment in your home, verbal discussion of the results, psychological report provided within one week (For the sake of a child's self esteem, it is highly recommended that he/she is not told what this evaluation is for. An easy way to explain it to a child is that this is work that shows how the child "thinks" the best.) $250.00


Provide hourly services to charter and independent schools. Psychological Reevaluations, 504 Reevaluations, File Reviews, Eligibility Meetings. Starting at $75 per hour.


Guided discussion group for parents of gifted/talented students. Designed to establish an environment in which parents of talented children can receive support, guidance, and advice through discussion with other parents and trained leaders. Sessions will be for 8 weeks held in the evenings at a convenient location (Sarasota, Venice, Clearwater---Coming Soon!). If you are interested, please email or call. (727) 519-3970


ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) evaluations are lengthy and costly. If you want to first find out whether your child's difficulties are average, more than average, or typical of a child diagnosed with ADHD, this screening can help. You and your child's teacher will be asked to answer many questions. Your answers will be scored and the results help to differentiate children with ADHD from those without a clinical diagnosis. Results can guide interventions as well as provide useful information to medical professionals. (Ages 6-18)(This is not an ADHD evaluation and cannot provide a diagnosis.) $125.00


includes brief interview with parent and child regarding learning styles, standardized intellectual, achievement, and cognitive process assessments in order to provide a description of individual learning styles as well as individual strengths and vulnerabilities (Kindergarten through adult. Can be aligned to meet requirements for college disabilities services.) $1000.00

GIFTED EVALUATION PLUS ACHIEVEMENT (required for Pineview or Sarasota Gifted Cluster eligibility):

This evaluation is conducted in two sessions, it includes gifted evaluation plus a standardized achievement assessment in the areas of Reading, Math, and Writing $475.00
Gifted plus Reading and Math only $450.00